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Related Knowledge of Stadium Fence

27 / 01 / 2021

We can often see a Protective Fence around certain sports venues, it is called stadium fence. Today, let us understand the relevant knowledge of stadium fence net!

Stadium fence netting is a kind of fence netting specially used for sports fields. It usually uses Chain Link Fence as the surface of the grid. The price of stadium fence is basically determined by the quality of the columns, crossbars and the mesh surface.

The sports field fence has the characteristics of bright color, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, strong tension, and not easy to deform due to external impact. In the process of site construction and installation, the biggest feature of stadium fence is flexibility, and stadium fence can be flexibly adjusted according to site needs. The stadium fence has a certain impact resistance and flexibility, and has a strong ability to resist climbing. Therefore, stadium fence nets are widely used. At present, stadium fence net has become one of the indispensable fence nets in various sports fields.

If used outside of flat stadiums and sports fields, the height of the stadium fence will be different. Usually, the height of the stadium fence is 3 meters, and the end is 4 meters. If the venue is closer to residential areas or roads, the height of the stadium fence will exceed this value. In addition, on the side of the stadium fence, in order to make it easier for spectators to watch the game, a 0.80-meter fence can be set. If the stadium is on the roof, the net height of the stadium fence is 6 meters or more.

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

There are two types that will affect the installation quality of stadium fence:

1. Column

If the material of the stadium fence post is good, whether it is deliberately disassembled or accidentally damaged, the stadium fence will not be easily damaged. However, if the selected stadium fence post is not good enough, or the post is too thin, deformation and damage will occur sooner or later. Therefore, the installation quality of the stadium fence is determined by the columns. In addition to the columns, the crossbars are also an important factor affecting the overall structure of the stadium fence.

2. Grid

The mesh quality of the sports field fence is determined by the wire diameter, surface treatment and mesh size. These three aspects will affect the installation quality of the sports field fence. The thicker the mesh line of the sports field fence, the impact resistance and the net Character is better.

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