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6 Types of Most Beautiful Garden Fence Designs and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

28 / 10 / 2020

Fence, in architecture, refers to a vertical space partition structure used to enclose, divide or protect an area. Mainly used to enclose gardens or yards. The Fence mainly surrounds the building. Almost all important building materials can become the material of the fence: wood, stone, brick, concrete, metal material, bamboo, plastic, polymer material and even glass.

1. Brick wall guardrail

Concrete fence: First, the wall is built with prefabricated lattice bricks, the pattern is varied but easy to climb; the second is the prefabricated concrete sheet. Solid concrete brick wall The concrete solid brick wall built with the same modulus and masonry method as clay bricks is currently used more frequently.

The advantages are that the construction process is complete, easy to construct, durable, firm, and relatively safe. It has a good protective effect. It can be green and easy to manage. Once and for all, it is not easy to be damaged after it is built. The concrete wall panels are constructed with large concrete wall panels, which have high strength. The cast-in-place columns between the panels are connected to provide strong resistance to falling.

The disadvantage is that it is relatively closed, and the outside scenery is completely invisible when the yard is closed, and it is not transparent enough, and it is completely isolated from the outside world. Construction and demolition work will take longer, so the design and construction should be combined with the expected service life of the building and the style of the house.

2. Primary color solid wood fence

The advantage is that it is closer to the taste of nature, and the fence of logs matches some simple-style houses and pastoral houses. It is more beautiful, and its hardness can also meet general needs, and it can be built faster.

The disadvantage is that the logs are used outside, and it will inevitably be more prone to decay if there is a lot of rain, so the life span of cement is not very long.

3.white wood guardrail

The white wood fence is a relatively modern fence, which is more versatile and is the choice of many young families. It is relatively modern and artistic.

The advantage is that it is relatively easy to match. It is fresh and elegant to match with any kind of flower art and trees, and it is versatile with many styles of architectural styles. The time for building the yard is short and the efficiency is high. And it is very popular among the post-90s and younger generations.

The disadvantage is that the firmness is incomparable to that of iron, and that of reinforced concrete.

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

4. iron fence or metal fence

1. Using section steel as the material, there are several types of cross-sections, the surface is smooth, tough and easy to bend and not easy to break. The disadvantage is that it needs to be painted every 2-3 years.

2. Using cast iron as the material, various patterns can be made. The advantage is that it is not easy to rust and the price is not high, but the disadvantage is that it is brittle and not smooth.

3. Wrought iron and cast aluminum materials. High-quality and high-priced, part of the flower decoration or indoor use.

4. Various metal mesh materials, such as Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh, plastic-plated lead wire mesh, aluminum plate mesh, stainless steel mesh, etc.

Iron railings are the most common and practical.

The advantage is that there are many European styles and simple patterns, forming a mottled shadow in the sun, and all kinds of ideas are very easy to achieve. And the firmness is also very good.

The disadvantage is to be prepared to prevent rusting, and paint protection from time to time, otherwise it will easily become old.

5.bamboo railing

Bamboo and wood fence: Bamboo fence is the most common fence in the past, it is now rare to use. Someone imagined planting a row of bamboo and weaving it to become a "living" wall, which is the most ecologically required wall.

The advantage is that it has a sense of pastoralism, fits well with natural rattan flowers, is coordinated, and is light, easy to build and disassemble.

The disadvantage is that the stability and firmness are not particularly strong, and can only play a simple guardrail and protection effect.

6.Barbed Wire

The advantage is extremely simple, extremely easy to install, and the installation speed is super fast.

The disadvantage is that it is very simple and only has a simple isolation effect, and the effect of nursing homes is not very good.


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