Energy crisis? inflation? The price of going to the toilet in Germany will also rise!

In Germany, everything is getting more expensive: groceries, gasoline or going to restaurants… In the future, people will have to pay more when they use the toilet at service stations and service areas on most German highways.
German news agency reported that from November 18, Sanifair, a German industry giant, hoped to increase the use fee of about 400 toilet facilities operated along the expressway from 70 euro cents to 1 euro.
At the same time, the company is revising its voucher model, which is well known by customers. In the future, Sanifair customers will receive a voucher of 1 euro after paying the toilet fee. The voucher can still be used for deduction when shopping at the expressway service station. However, each item can only be exchanged for one voucher. Previously, every time you spent 70 Euros, you could get a voucher worth 50 Euros, and it was allowed to be used in combination.
The company explained that using the Sanifair facility was almost break even for guests at the rest station. However, in view of the high price of goods at the expressway service station, not all Sanifair customers use vouchers.
It is reported that this is the first time Sanifair has raised the price since it launched the voucher model in 2011. The company explained that although the operating costs of energy, staff and consumables have risen sharply, this measure can maintain the standards of cleanliness, service and comfort for a long time.
Sanifair is a subsidiary of Tank&Rast Group, which controls most gas stations and service areas on German highways.
The All German Automobile Club Association (ADAC) expressed its understanding of Sanifair’s move. “This measure is regrettable for travelers and families, but in view of the general rise in prices, it is understandable to do so,” said a spokesman for the association. Importantly, the price increase is accompanied by further improvement in toilet cleaning and sanitation in service areas. However, the Association expressed dissatisfaction that each commodity can only be exchanged for one voucher.
The German consumer organization (VZBV) and the German Automobile Club (AvD) criticized this. VZBV believes that the rise of vouchers is just a gimmick, and customers will not get actual benefits. A spokesman for AvD said that Sanifair’s parent company, Tank&Rast, was already privileged on the highway, and it was expensive to sell things at gas stations or service areas. Now the company also earns extra profits from people’s necessary needs, which will scare away and drive many people who want to use the toilet mad.

Post time: Oct-21-2022