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What Makes Anti-Climb Fencing a Great Choice For Security?

14 / 04 / 2021

Anti-Climb Fencing has always proven to be a top choice for securing property, premises, land, grounds and events, but what makes it one of the most important security choices?

Anti-Climb Fencing

Anti-Climb Fencing

Construction and design

Anti-climb fencing has a very specific construction that combines tamper and climb resistant features and provides optimum security and durability in all types of secure environments and locations. Many of these features are achieved by fully galvanized construction and mesh technology in the design.

The galvanized layer provides barrier protection for any damaged areas, as the zinc layer itself resists any corrosion, leaving the steel underneath protected until the zinc layer is completely gone. This means that small areas do not need to be fixed immediately and any areas where the zinc layer has deteriorated can be easily spotted so that any remedial action required can be assessed at a glance.

The galvanizing process covers all parts of the fence panels, not just certain areas, increasing the fence's resistance to problems.

Galvanized steel is water and salt resistant, making these panels ideal when deployed in extreme weather or when they need to be used in coastal or marine areas.

In this way, anti-climb fences made of galvanized steel offer low maintenance, long durability and extreme reliability, all of which mean cost effectiveness and excellent cost performance due to long service times and low maintenance.

The product and its features

The design and construction of anti-climb fencing is so strong that the increased strength results in superior anti-climb protection, preventing potential intruders from gaining a foothold or handholds through tightly woven mesh, increasing the strength of each fence panel and improving resistance to forceful attack or vandalism.

The galvanized construction prevents rusting and deterioration, reducing the risk of vandalism and keeping the panels a strong visible deterrent.

Anti-climb fencing also outperforms other types of fencing in terms of security, as it performs well in harsh weather conditions. The mesh design performs well in windy areas. Where other types of fencing may be damaged or even move in gusty winds, if properly erected, Fence Panels can provide good wind resistance and remain secure to reduce the risk of opportunistic intrusion.

In use, anti-climb fences are ideal for any type of security measure, including preventing access to open or dangerous locations, and security measures to manage event sites, including crowd control by directing or limiting pedestrian traffic. For more information, please feel free to contact Fencing Suppliers


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