Additional Monetary Flexibility Seen Soon



garden border fence


China’s monetary policy might have more room for easing early next year as the US Federal Reserve has started to slow down rate hikes while domestic economic growth requires more support, experts said on Thursday.

They said the Fed’s tightening campaign to tame inflation has started to gear down as it raised interest rates by 50 basis points on Wednesday, compared with four consecutive hikes of 75 basis points in the previous meetings through November.

With the renminbi likely to strengthen against the dollar next year, Hooper said she expects the PBOC to continue to be “supportive” and provide “the most appropriate level of support” for the economy.

Pointing to weaker pressure from a strong greenback on the renminbi, the onshore exchange rate of the renminbi firmed past the 7-per-dollar level last week and was trading around 6.97 as of Thursday afternoon, strengthening by about 2.3 percent so far this month, according to market tracker Wind Info.

The devaluation of the RMB has brought benefits to China’s export trade. Due to the rising cost of domestic manufacturing industry caused by the epidemic, Chinese manufacturing is at a disadvantage in the world economic pattern. Especially in recent two years, the manufacturing industry has tilted to Southeast Asia, causing a great impact on Chinese manufacturing.

However, as an old world factory, China’s perfect production facilities ensure the quality of products, especially in the hardware fence industry, not only the control of raw materials, processing, forming, welding, spraying, all require certain technical requirements and proficiency.

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Post time: Dec-28-2022