• Wire Mesh Border Garden Fence

    The wire mesh fencing market is experiencing a surge owing to the growing demand for fencing from residential and commercial owners. According to a recent report, the global wire mesh fencing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% through 2025, owing to the inc...
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  • Additional Monetary Flexibility Seen Soon

          China’s monetary policy might have more room for easing early next year as the US Federal Reserve has started to slow down rate hikes while domestic economic growth requires more support, experts said on Thursday. They said the Fed’s tightening campaign to tame i...
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  • Energy crisis? inflation? The price of going to the toilet in Germany will also rise!

    In Germany, everything is getting more expensive: groceries, gasoline or going to restaurants… In the future, people will have to pay more when they use the toilet at service stations and service areas on most German highways. German news agency reported that from November 18, Sanifair, a G...
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  • Houtuo Professional Manufacturer Keep on For Garden Fence & Metal Items

    Hebei houtuo CO.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer and provider of fencing and industrial mesh. We aim to protect your assets, whether you are industrial estates, authorities or end consumers. We want to be our customers’ trusted partner delivering optimal products, solutions, and service...
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  • China Hardware Industry Development prospects analysis

    The hardware industry is an important part of China’s light industry, and its products are closely related to people’s lives. In recent years, the industry has developed rapidly, the scale of import and export trade has been expanding, and its market position has been significantly im...
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  • Hebei Houtuo Manufacturer Of Garden Metal Fence & Post, Gate Will Attend 132nd Canton Fair Online

    The 132nd Canton Fair will kick off online on October 15. This upcoming fair will embrace more exhibitors and the online display will be held from October 15, 2022 to March 15, 2023, This Canton Fair will continue to set up 50 exhibition sections for 16 categories of commodities. It will partner ...
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  • We Are A Part Of Eisenwarenmesse 2022

    We Are A Part Of Eisenwarenmesse 2022

    Time: Sep.25th-28th, 2022 Booth number: 11.3I050 EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR The EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is the clear number one of the industry, and is more important than ever before in 2022 as a globally established platform for innovations, busin...
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  • New Forms Of Export And Import In The Coming Post-epidemic Period

    New Forms Of Export And Import In The Coming Post-epidemic Period

    In business, as in life, good leaders hope for the best and plan for the worst. There’s a reason that experts refer to the regular expansion and contraction of the economy as the business cycle. Even producers of the most recession-proof products—toiletries, beer, funeral services—need to c...
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  • China Ensuring High-Quality Foreign Trade

    China Ensuring High-Quality Foreign Trade

    China’s exports rebounded vigorously in May, highlighting the nation’s resilience in foreign trade, and the sector is expected to expand steadily in the months ahead thanks to supportive policy measures put in place to bolster the economy, industry experts and analysts said on Thursda...
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