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Metal Fence Post T Posts L Post Green Powder Coated Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty T Post L Post Fencing Support

Surface: Hot dipped galvanized, powder coated

Color: Galvanized, Green RAL6005, etc.

Packing: in pallet.

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Metal posts are unique as they have various types and shapes. However, the two most prominent categories are T-posts and L-posts.
T-posts look like the letter T, while L-posts have a L-shaped cross-section.
For instance, T-posts come in 6, 7, or 8-feet length, from light-duty versions to heavy-duty ones to withstand more pressure. It must be buried at least 2-feet deep into the ground to prevent animals or weather conditions from pulling the fencing out.

Compared with wood, metal posts are more affordable and easy to install. The T-post fencing uses rail steel for the main structure.When you have a large area to cover and secure, these steel posts are excellent for your needs. They are also ideal for preventing wire mesh or barbed wire from sliding up or down the T-post.

Studs on the post hold the wire system and work optimally to keep the animals in or out. So there won’t be any push-and-pull situations, and you will prevent damage.
The best way to drive in steel T-posts is with an automatic or manual post driver, but please use a hammer or a sledgehammer if it’s not available.
Using T-posts for corner posts will save your time and energy, as you don’t need to dig post-holes and set wooden posts. L-post could install as brace post for T-post.

Depending on the use and installation, fencing posts are usually spaced between 8 and 12 feet along the fence line. But, when using a barbed wire, you can set a bit larger distance between the posts.You will determine the distance between the posts according to the fence wire type and how much it needs to stay tight. The fence is more substantial when the poles are closer.However, when building electric fencing, ensure you use insulators to hold the electric wire properly. T-posts are easier to dig into the ground, they are great for wire with smaller holes, like poultry netting. The T Post & L post always used to support the wire fence. It has an anchor at the bottom to stay fixed and stable in the ground.

Studded Metal T Fence posts

Material: billet steel, rail steel
Surface: Painted with spade, painted no spade, unpainted with spade, unpainted without spade, hot-dipped galvanized.

Photo Size Thickness Height
T post mm mm mm
30×30 3.00 1250
30×30 3.30 1500
30×30 3.50 1750
35×35 3.50 2000
35×35 4.00 2250

L Post -Post Support Solid Iron

L post also called “Angle post”, simple fencing post as brace or single fence post. It’s simple and fast to divide pasture or grassland by attaching chain link fence or horizontal steel wire on angle post.
Standard size of L post: 25x25mm

Photo Size Thickness Height
L post 800x800 mm mm mm
1.00 1250
1.25 1500
25X25 1.50 1750
1.75 2000
2.00 2250

Package: With plastic film and pallet.

Other size could do according to customer’s requirements.


Higher ground grasping strength;
Convenient to support the wire.

包装 11 包装 22

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