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Garden Wire Multipurpose Gardening Metal Wire Binding Twist Tie

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The garden tie wire can be used for gardening,indoor and outdoor decoration and DIY, such as crafts making,hanging garland,decorate Christmas tree and put up Christmas lights ,also be used as cable tie to organizer computer cables, headphone cables and USB cables.

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Material: Galvanized iron wire, PVC coated iron wire,
stainless steel wire, brass wire, etc.
Packing: in carton or pallet.

Galvanized Garden Iron Wire

Photo Diameter Coil Length PCS/CTN
1 0.7mm 100m 20
0.7mm 75m 20
0.9mm 50m 20
1.1mm 50m 20
1.3mm 50m 20
1.5mm 50m 20
1.8mm 50m 10

PVC Coated Garden Wire

Photo  Diameter Coil Length PCS/CTN
2 1.0/1.4mm 50m 20
1.0/1.4mm 100m 10
1.0/1.8mm 100m 20
1.6/2.2mm 100m 10
1.6/2.4mm 100m 10
1.7/2.7mm 100m 10
1.8/2.8mm 100m 10
2.2/3.3mm 100m 10
2.7/3.7mm 100m 5

Small Coil Galvanized Iron Wire

Photo Diameter Coil Length PCS/CTN
3 0.8mm 40m 100
0.9mm 35m 100
1.2mm 25m 100
1.3mm 22m 100
1.5mm 18m 100
1.8mm 12m 100
2.2mm 9m 100

Small Coil PVC Coated Galvanized Iron Wire

Photo Diameter Coil Length PCS/CTN
4 0.4/0.7mm 40m 100
0.5/0.8mm 40m 100
0.5/0.9mm 30m 100
0.7/1.1mm 20m 100
0.9/1.3mm 16m 100
1.0/1.4mm 16m 100
1.1/1.6mm 12m 100
1.2/1.8mm 9m 100
1.6/2.2mm 8m 100

Garden Wire On Wooden Stick

Photo Type Length PCS/CTN
5 Annealed Iron Wire 0.65mmx100g 50
Galvanized Iron Wire 0.65mmx100g 50
PVC Coated Iron Wire 0.65mmx100g 50
Painted Iron Wire 0.65mmx100g 50

Packing: 100 grams in a wood stick, 50 pieces in a box, then 10 boxes in a carton.

Twist Tie Wire Garden Wire In Basket

Photo Type Length PCS/CTN
6 Galvanized Iron Wire 0.7mmx100m 24
Galvanized Iron Wire 1.0mmx50m 24
Galvanized Iron Wire 1.25mmx25m 24
PVC Coated Iron Wire 0.8/1.25mmx50m 24
PVC Coated Iron Wire 1.15/1.6mmx25m 24

Packing: each piece in a plastic basket with cutter, then in cartons, or pallet.

Garden Spool Wire

Photo Type Size PCS/CTN
7 0.3-2.0mm 0.05-25kgs As per need


packing packing2 包装4

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