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Electric Fence Post Garden Fencing Stick Temporary Pigtail Post

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Garden Step-in Fence Post & Pigtail Electric Fence Post

Material: Quality Steel with PE or PVC coated.

Packing: in bundle, or in carton, then in pallet.

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There are many types of posts are popular for an equine turnout – simple standard posts, stirrup posts and posts which are designated especially to fit the corners.
Simple standard plastic, fibreglass or PVC posts are economical and very easy to install as they have hooks for an electric tape to go through, so no additional insulators will be needed.
The number of lines in your electric fence and your electric fence spacing depends on the size and agility of the animals you want to contain or deter. Small and nimble species like rabbits, for instance, need more lines than larger, less agile animals like cattle or horses. You need sufficient lines carefully positioned to maximise contact with an animal’s sensitive nose, and to ensure it can’t dodge underneath or jump over the electric fence.

Electric Fence Premium Plastic Posts

Material: Made from Premium plastic or Fiberglass
Color: White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, etc..
Works great with all kinds of electric wiring – tapes, ropes and wires.
Steel spike for easy tread in.

These fence posts are made from premium plastic and come in various colours such as traditional white, green and more daring colours such as orange and blue. They are very affordable and easy to manage.

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Pigtail Electric Fence Post

This pigtail fence post is a plastic coated, spring steel post. It is made with UV stabilized plastic and insulated with an orange/white pigtail insulator. If you need to use several wires you can add screw-on insulators.


  • The UV stabilized plastic for effective insulation.
  • Lightweight, strong spring steel
  • Ultra white insulation and coating for maximum visibility and easy location
  • 85mm long pointed foot for easy installation
  • Plastic insulation has sealed end for weather resistance



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Packed in carton, or in pallet.

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